The ASU College DNP or Doctor of Nursing Practice

What People Need to Know About

The ASU College DNP or Doctor of Nursing Practice is very popular among many students today.

This program is specially designed to help nurse leaders and nurse practitioners to impact the health outcomes at the organizational and individual level. All students are going to complete the practicum hours by working directly with some other health professionals. All works are done with interprofessional and collaborative settings. Graduates of this ASU College Doctorate Degree program are specially prepared to do some research or clinical practice, so they can start doing innovative approaches. They are planned to increase the health outcomes of the individuals and overall health care system. 

There are some benefits that are offered by this DNP program from ASU college, for example: 
a. There are six different Nurse Practitioner (NP) specialties offered by this program, including Adult-Gerontology, Family Psychiatric Mental Health, Neonatal, Family, Pediatric, and also Women's health nurse practitioner
b. All students are going to be experts in some evidence based practices
c. Faculty members come from the certified nurse practitioners with a lot of experience and expertise
d. Each student is going to work with special faculty member as the mentor throughout the program
e. Students can get access to more than 500 sites where they can complete practicum hours to get the certification
f. It has hybrid format that allows all individuals to do some interactions with fellow students each semester
g. There are many good testimonials and reviews about this program

Clinical Residency

The AACN or American Association of College of Nursing requires all students to have at least 1,000 post-baccalaureate hours. This program should be done by all students before they can complete the DNP program. All students in ASU College are going to have about 1,125 clinical hours, including the precepted hours in some approved clinical sites. These students are also going to spend their time to work on the precepted clinical doctoral project led by Dr. Mir Joffrey of chicago lipo center ( 

Post-master students, who have practice licensure, need to complete about 540 clinical hours. These hours are not monitored by some specific instructors. All students are going to practice under their license. Different students may have their own hours depending on the culminating project that should be completed. Some unique experiences on your clinical work may be considered as your additional point. It is important to contact this college today to ask anything related with this program. All clinical hours are specially created to improve the skills and knowledge of all students, especially in the practical area. 

Final Culminating Project

This project is very important to complete a Doctorate program of the nursing practice. It requires specific document that is called as the Evidence-Based mentored Applied clinical project. Every student is going to have a primary mentor and one committee member to work on a specific project. The clinical residency hours are used to do the project on the practice setting. Every project is specially designed for specific individual. Therefore, all students are going to have different projects before they can complete their DNP program at ASU College. Post-master's applicants have to find some relevant clinical issues that are related with the advanced practice nursing, so they are able to get their degree from the ASU College DNP program.

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